Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot Review

Can You Really Cop Hyped Supreme Items with Heated Sneaks? Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot Review!


Each Supreme bot has unique features and prices.  The first bot I will be reviewing is Heated Sneaks, a bot service for Supreme, and many other sites. It was started in 2015 to help people cop items for themselves, or to cop multiple items to resell. Heated Sneaks claims that their Supreme bot has a success rate of 90%.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering how my experience with Heated Sneaks’ Supreme bot went. Well, in my personal experience, I was able to cop a decent amount of the items I went for. While I’ve copped a decent amount of items over the past year and a half using Heated Sneaks, I have also had drops where the website crashed on big drops, and I really had no chance to cop. As far as customer service goes, I wouldn’t expect too much help from the team at Heated Sneaks. I sent them a few eMails and they never even replied.


Let’s Talk a Little Bit About the Pricing.

Heated Sneaks offers a Supreme bot for $50, which includes a $10 renew fee for each new Supreme season.

They also offer what they call the Colossal Botpack, which is an All-in-One Bot service. They price the Colossal Botpack at $124.99.


Features of the Supreme Bot with Brief Feature Reviews.

  • Mac, PC and Linux Support – Compatible with all devices, which is convenient.
  • Keyword Finder – Works good, never had an issue with it.
  • Auto Add to Cart – Works good. Adds items to cart decently quick, although lately it’s been messing up and just keeps sending you to Supreme’s home page and you take the L.
  • Auto Checkout – Works great. Checks out fast, and repeatedly attempts to checkout until confirmed, as long as it doesn’t take you back to the home page.
  • Start Timer – Convenient for when you have things to do during the drop.
  • Restock Monitor – Personally never even bothered with restocks, but have seen success.
  • Multiple Item Mode – Works well, keep in mind you will need a different credit card/physical address to order multiples, and you will have to pay $10 shipping per item with this bot (Separate Carts).
  • Next Best Size ATC – I’ve personally never seen the bot automatically add the next size to cart after my size sold out.

This bot supports all 3 Supreme sites – International Support, although I wouldn’t expect them to be very helpful after you’ve already paid them for the bot.


Here’s a List of Cons and Pros That I Personally Found with Heated Sneaks.

Cons of Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot:

  • Supreme has been detecting the bot, and not going past the process payment button until items are sold out.
  • Hasn’t copped any super hyped items lately (CDG box logo, CDG AF1’s).
  • It is a Google extension, which means that it’s in browser so basically that means that the Heated Sneaks bot requires a live connection to Supreme’s website. So, if the site crashes, the bot can’t do anything.
  • They literally haven’t replied to emails I sent over a month ago, horrible customer service.

Pros of Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot:

  • The Supreme bot costs $50.
  • I was able to cop a decent amount of what I went for with it (Besides really hyped drops).
  • They update their bots weekly which usually works good, besides every once and a while the bot isn’t prepared for Supreme’s website updates.


So, Is Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot Worth $50?

Heated Sneaks is definitely a decent bot for the price, but I honestly think there are way better options right around the same price point. With the lack of customer service that comes along with Heated Sneaks, and your odds not being that great for drops with any amount of hype, I just can’t recommend it. I’ve run Heated Sneaks bot along with SuperCopBot’s Supreme bot on the same drop, and Heated Sneaks glitched out and took me back to the home page, while SuperCopBot’s copped multiple items I was going for in the same cart.

If you want to check out SuperCopBot’s Supreme Bot you can find a review here.

If you want to buy Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot, and never get your questions answered from the team over at Heated Sneaks, you can purchase it here.