Supreme Faux Fur Bomber Legit Check Guide

If you’re looking to cop a Supreme faux fur bomber, the first thing you should know is that there are fakes of this piece out there. Besides the obvious things to look for such as the price being to good, and the sellers feedback, I’ll be going into as much detail as I can to be able to properly legit check a Supreme faux fur bomber. Their are a couple different batches of fakes out there, but I’ll typically be comparing the best fake (most likely for someone to try and sell as real), but I’ll also throw in some flaws from cheaper worse fakes, because sometimes they can be completely different flaws than the better batches and it’ll still help when legit checking. Anyways let’s get into it

Fake Supreme Faux Fur Bomber Flaws

  • Letter Spacing Flaw
  • “Fur” Quality
  • Sizing
  • Sloppy Letters/Letter Sizing

Letter Spacing Flaw

Every fake batch of these faux fur jackets have this flaw, besides one batch of fakes which has a little better spacing, but is still off. 

As far as the letter spacing flaw goes, you’ll want to direct your attention to the “Supreme” text across the backside of the jacket. On every fake besides the one batch (Only a little better) you’ll notice the spacing on the letters is very off. On an authentic Supreme faux fur bomber, all of the letters should have a consistent distance between them “S U P R E M E”, while on the majority of fakes the lettering is spaced out to far like this, “SU PRE ME”. Very noticeable flaw, and is a tell tale sign of a fake if you see inconsistent spacing in between the letters.

Here’s an example picture:

Supreme Faux Fur Bomber Legit Check Guide

“Fur” Quality Flaw

This flaw is exactly how it sounds, and applies to even the best batch of fakes which has the better letter spacing.

If you’re familiar with faux fur, you know that it’s not real fur, and is made to resemble real fur. Although the real Supreme faux fur bomber isn’t real fur, it’s still a pretty high quality piece which is hard to replicate when they’re selling them for so low. The “fur” on fakes will have noticeable terrible quality, and should be easy to legit check based on the “fur” knowing that the authentic bomber is high quality. It can be a little hard to legit check based off of the “fur” if the pictures aren’t high quality, but the fakes have more a sticking up everywhere looking “fur” while the authentics have a more pressed down high quality looking “fur”, which tends to react to touch, if that makes any sense. 

Here’s an example picture:

Supreme Faux Fur Bomber Legit Check Guide fur

Sizing Flaw:

This flaw applies to every batch of fakes out there, and is a fairly common way to legit check a lot of Supreme pieces.

The sizing on a fake Supreme faux fur bomber will be to small. There are a few batches of fakes which have different sizing but they’re all smaller than they should be on the authentic bomber. This can be hard to check through pictures without exact measurements of each size, but if you do purchase one of these and you feel like it fits a little small it’s definitely worth looking through all the flaws and verifying it’s a legit piece from Supreme.

Sloppy Letters/Letter Sizing Flaw

This flaw is basically an extra that applies to cheaper worse batches of fakes, which typically won’t be what you see people trying to pass off as real.

This flaw should be very obvious, when put up next to an authentic bomber you should have no problem noticing how sloppy the letters are, and even a lot of the time the letters are very misshaped. 

Here’s an example picture:

Real vs Fake Supreme Faux Fur Bomber

Hope this helped you legit check a Supreme faux fur bomber!