Supreme Van Gogh Hoodie Legit Check Guide

Recently a pretty accurate batch of fakes came out of the Supreme Van Gogh hoodie. Ever since they came out, Ebay and Grailed have been flooded with tons of fakes, and they’ve been selling a good amount. While these fakes are decently accurate, they’re definitely some flaws that we can use to legit check these hoodies, and I’m tired of seeing all these people getting scammed for a $35 replica thinking they got a steal on them. 

Supreme Van Gogh Hoodie Flaws

  • Sky Color
  • Print Detail
  • Field Blackstrokes
  • Field Color

Sky Color

For this flaw, we will be looking at the blue color for the sky, on the Van Gogh image on the front of the hoodie. The color of the sky on an authentic Supreme Van Gogh hoodie should be a light blue color, and you can see it fade to a  purple color at the top of the blue where it fades to black. While on the fake hoodies, it’s a noticeably different shade of blue color in the sky, and the blue goes up to far with no purple fade in between the colors at all.

Print Detail

The authentic hoodie obviously has artwork from Vincent Van Gogh, and it’s the exact artwork down to the small details. The fake hoodie lacks the amount of detail from the original work, which can be hard to see without a side by side comparison of authentic vs fake. One of the harder flaws to spot, but put together with the more obvious flaws you should have no problem legit checking these hoodies.


Field Blackstrokes

For this flaw, we will be looking at the field on the lower portion of the artwork. On the fake Supreme Van Gogh hoodie, their are a good amount more black strokes, or black lines throughout the field. Again one of the harder flaws to spot if you’re not super familiar with Van Gogh’s artwork, or don’t have it next to an authentic hoodie to compare to. 

Field Color

In the field on the lower portion of the artwork again, you can see that there’s to much green on certain parts of the image where it shouldn’t even be compared to the authentic hoodie. Also there’s one spot in the sky which should barely have any green on it at all, and on fake hoodies there’s WAY to much green up there. This flaw is hard to miss once you see them side by side.

Hope this Supreme Van Gogh hoodie legit check guide helped you guys out!