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Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Legit Check Guide

Anyone that is interested in copping a Supreme box logo hoodie should be aware that there really are a ton of fakes on the market! So, I’ve put together a Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide. Beware that new batches of fakes have gotten very close to authentic, making it much harder to legit check than ever before!


List of Current Flaws: Supreme box logo hoodies 2016

  • Floating ‘e’
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Oval/Non-Oval ‘p’
  • Letter Thickness
  • Overlapping Tags
  • Drawstring Length
  • Hoodie Blanks/Sizing


Floating “e”

The floating “e” is definitely one of the most obvious/notorious flaws out of all of the flaws on the Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide.

If you’re not aware of the floating “e”, it’s when the last e in the box logo is raised up higher than the other letters, or “floating” above the other letters, hence the name of the flaw. The last e should be perfectly aligned with the first e, and should be slightly lower than the m. If the last e is any higher than the m, RUN! Beware. Some of the new batches of replica box logo hoodies have this flaw fixed now, so you’ll definitely need to legit check it even if the last e looks to be aligned.



Horizontal Lines

The next most notorious flaw on this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide is what we call “horizontal lines”.

So when you’re looking for the horizontal lines flaw, you’re going to want to ignore the letters for a minute and look at the patch. Authentic hoodies have a cross-stitched grain in the patch, while some batches of replicas have a horizontal stitched grain in the patch. Basically the stitching on the patch is stitched in the wrong direction, and replicas will often have a much “thicker” almost bumpy looking stitching. Incase you’re confused, I’ve added a picture below to show the comparison. Beware. New batches of fakes have been made with this flaw fixed.



Oval/Non-Oval ‘p’

This is a less widely known flaw, but can be very helpful when trying to legit check a Supreme box logo hoodie.

So when you’re looking for the oval p flaw, you’re going to need to know which years/colors had authentic hoodies made with and without an oval p.

Hoodies that Should NOT Have Oval ‘p’:

Peach (Randomized, could have oval p but does not have to.)

Sage (Randomized, could have oval p but does not have to.)


Pre-2007 Releases

Hoodies that SHOULD Have Oval ‘p’:

Every other color way

Releases after 2007

Basically, if it falls under the should have an oval p category, you’re going to want to look at the inside of the p in the box logo. The p should have a clear full oval inside of it (assuming you’re trying to legit check a box logo hoodie that should have the oval p), while on fakes you can see a clear cutoff effect. So there is no full oval. I’ll add comparison pictures to help it make more sense.



Letter Thickness

This flaw is mainly directed at the Season 16 box logo hoodies (Sage, Peach). While being a small flaw, it’s still worth noting that the new box logo hoodies are supposed to have slightly thinner fonts than older box logo hoodies. And, some replica makers haven’t adjusted their font so the replicas sometimes have too thick of a font on the letters. This is just something to look out for when legit checking.

Overlapping Tags

This is a pretty simple flaw, but very useful to know. So basically on authentic box logo hoodies the two tags (Supreme tag, and Made in Canada tag) should be about a centimeter apart, while on replica box logo hoodies you will sometimes see the two tags overlapping. And if the tags are overlapping RUN.



Another helpful flaw to know is that on an authentic box logo hoodie, the drawstrings shouldn’t go over the box logo in length (Besides some size small box logo hoodies). While on many replica box logo hoodies, the drawstrings will be too long, and hang over the box logo patch. Keep in mind somebody could easily swap the drawstrings out of a fake box logo hoodie with some shorter ones, so you definitely can’t legit check solely based off this.




This is one of the most important flaws on this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide. One thing all of the replica box logo hoodies don’t have correct is the hoodie blanks, and the sizing on them. The majority of the replica hoodies fit one size to small. So if you see anyone selling a box logo hoodie and they say it fits a size small, RUN. There seems to be one batch with a more true to size fit, but the hoodie blank used is still very off. This can be a hard flaw to determine when buying it online, but if you get it in person you should be able to tell the blank is off, and open a PayPal dispute.

Hope this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide helps some of you guys out!

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