Supreme Week 11 Drop List Fall/Winter 2017

Supreme Week 11 Drop List (11-02-17)  

Supreme Week 11 Drop ListPieces DroppingEstimated Retail
Stadium Parka$248
Corduroy Quilted Shirt$128
L/S Pocket Tee$74
Hanes Realtree Tagless Tees (2 Pack)$40
Hanes Realtree Boxer Briefs (2 Pack)$36
Bonded Mesh Camp Cap$44
Akira/Supreme Fishtail Parka$368
Akira/Supreme Work Jacket$248
Akira/Supreme Coveralls$178
Akira/Supreme Jacquard L/S Top$118
Akira/Supreme Soccer Top$118
Akira/Supreme Arm Hooded Sweatshirt$158
Akira/Supreme Syringe Hooded Sweatshirt$148
Akira/Supreme Hooded Sweatshirt With Woven Patches$178
Akira/Supreme Yamagata Tee$44
Akira/Supreme Arm Tee$44
Akira/Supreme Syringe Tee$44
Akira/Supreme Pill Tee$44
Akira/Supreme Neo-Tokyo L/S Tee$54
Akira/Supreme Syringe 5-Panel$54
Akira/Supreme Skateboard Decks$60
Akira/Supreme Pill Plate$48
Akira/Supreme Syringe Tray$32

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