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Another Nike Bot’s Supreme Bot Review – Is it Worth the Money?


Each Supreme bot has unique features and prices. I will be reviewing Another Nike Bot’s Supreme Bot, and really make sure you know what you’re getting before you spend your money! Another Nike Bot came out with their Supreme bot in 2015.

So, I have personally used some of the top bots in the game. I can give you a fair idea of which bots are worth your money. I’m sure you are wondering how my experience went using Another Nike Bot’s Supreme bot. Now I will say, it’s definitely not a bad bot. It may be a good option if you’re looking for a non-in-browser bot. Basically what that means is that it doesn’t require a live connection to Supreme’s website, which can be useful when the site crashes, whereas if your bot is in-browser, it won’t be able to do anything until the site loads.



Let’s Talk a Little Bit About the Pricing.

Another Nike Bot Offers Two Price Options for Their Supreme Bot:

  • $100 – comes with 10 different accounts you can use and run at the same time on drops.
  • $200 – comes with 20 different accounts you can use and run at the same time on drops.


Features of Another Nike Bot’s Supreme Bot with Brief Feature Reviews.

  • Multi-Threaded Runs multiple emails at the same time, works well.
  • 10 or 20 Account Support – Works well. You can either buy 10 or 20 accounts.
  • Link Monitor – Monitors the link and adds to cart then buys when available – Works pretty fast.
  • Automatic Browser-less Credit Card Checkout – Works well, especially if the website crashes.
  • Automatic Checkout Retry – Continuously tries to checkout. Works fast.
  • Retry on Failure or Crash – Works pretty well.
  • Email/SMS Notifications – Can be convenient, but you could also just check your email for the Supreme confirmation email.
  • Free Updates for 6 Months – You get 6 months of free updates, and then you will have to pay for updates.
  • Proxy Support (supports proxy to avoid bans) – Works well if you would like to buy and set-up proxys.
  • Express Checkout (browser checkout) – Checks out quickly.
  • Not a Chrome Extension (much more useful in case of website crash) – It does give an advantage not being an in-browser bot.
  • Locked on 1 Computer – You will only be able to run this bot on one computer.


Here’s a List of Cons and Pros I Personally Found:

Cons of Another Nike Bot’s Supreme Bot:

  • Price point would be a con at $100 for 10 accounts or $200 for 20 accounts
  • Somewhat outdated for the Supreme Bot

Pros of Another Nike Bot’s Supreme Bot:

  • It’s not an in-browser bot, so it will have more control if the Supreme website crashes during a drop.


Is the Extra Money Worth it Compared to SuperCopBot?

If you’re looking for the best Supreme bot for your money, I’d recommend SuperCopBot. Another Nike Bot’s Supreme bot isn’t bad by any means, but in my experience, I’ve copped more hyped items with SuperCopBot’s Supreme  pro bot than I was able to cop with Another Nike Bot’s Supreme bot. And, SuperCopBot’s pro bot is a cheaper price than even the cheapest Supreme bot option on Another Nike Bot, so in my head the choice is pretty clear.

To me it seems like Another Nike Bot is focused more on their AIO bot, and not putting as much effort into their Supreme Bot anymore. They don’t really promote their Supreme Bot, and a bunch of the people who say how well the Another Nike Bot Supreme bot works posted screenshots of what they were able to cop, and none of them are items that were hyped at all. Like you literally could have manually copped the things they’re praising the bot for getting them.

If you would still like to purchase Another Nike Bot’s Supreme bot, you may do so here.
You can also checkout a full review on SuperCopBot’s Supreme pro Bot here.