Where to Buy Bape Online

Where To Buy Authentic Bape Online?

Where to Buy Bape OnlineThe first and most obvious place to buy authentic Bape online is Bape’s Web Store, but the majority of pieces that are in demand are typically sold out, and more expensive. There are lots of other places to buy Bape for less, you’ll just need to take a little precaution to avoid getting scammed for a fake piece. The most important thing is if it looks to good to be true IT IS. That shark hoodie you see for $150 and get tempted to buy is fake every time. So let’s get into where to buy Bape online!

Buying Authentic Bape On Ebay

Ebay is a pretty solid place to buy Bape online as far as pricing goes, you just need to be aware that there is a decent amount of fake Bape on Ebay. Incase you’re not to familiar with legit checking Bape, I’ll add a list of trusted Ebay sellers below who sell tons of 100% authentic Bape! These are some of the most well known and trusted Bape sellers in the Bape game.

List of Known Ebay Sellers Who Sell Authentic Bape

Pondon (One of the best)





Buying Authentic Bape On Grailed

When it comes to where to buy Bape online I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purchasing Bape off of Grailed unless you know Bape decently well to know if pieces are legit or not. With Grailed being much newer than Ebay, there aren’t really any huge known trusted Bape sellers on Grailed. Definitely give their feedback page a look, but you definitely can’t base a legit check solely off of that. Again, I’d recommend sticking to trusted sellers if you’re not very familiar with legit checking Bape.

Buying Authentic Bape On Facebook Groups

There are some pretty active Bape groups on Facebook where people buy and sell Bape. Just search up “Bape” and search by groups and you’ll find some big groups for buying Bape. One of the advantages of buying Bape off of these Facebook groups is that there’s a ton of active Bapeheads in the groups who can legit check pieces for you before you buy them so you can be sure they’re legit.

Known Websites That Sell Authentic Bape

There are a few websites that resell authentic Bape, but typically the downside of these websites is that the price is often higher based on their credibility. Some of them also don’t always have a ton of stock of Bape pieces, but they add more whenever they get them.

List of Known Websites That Sell Authentic Bape



Cliff Edge

Kixclusive (Rare Bape Shoes)

Hope this helped you learn where to buy Bape online safely!

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