Best Supreme Bot To Secure Hyped Items 2018

Best Supreme Bot To Secure Hyped Items 2018

I’ve been buying Supreme for a long time, and it really is crazy how hard it’s gotten to secure any item with a little hype nowadays. Without a bot you’re likely to end up taking repeat L’s every week, but shoutout to the manual boys one time who do stay fed every week, I know y’all are out there. But if you haven’t been training your fingers for years copping Supreme, and are interested in a bot, I’ll be giving you my experience with all of the best Supreme bot’s in the game.

All of these different bot services have their own testimonials of items users have copped using their bot, and that’s all you really have to go off of. I’ve personally purchased and tested out all of the most known Supreme bots in the game, and definitely think I have a good enough understanding of which bots are worth the money, and which are definitely not worth the money to be able to give a solid honest recommendation on the best Supreme bot to secure hyped items. So let’s get into it.

Short answer on which bot I think is the best Supreme bot:

If you’re looking for a short quick answer on which Supreme bot I’d recommend in 2018, I’d have to recommend Supercopbot’s Supreme Pro bot  (has been working flawlessly so far this S/S18 season), which can be purchased here.

If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation on why I’d recommend Supercopbot over other bot options, I’ll be going into detail with my experience with all of the top bots in the game.

My Experience With Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot

Not the best supreme bot

This was the first Supreme bot I ever bought back in the day, after I did some research (Looked at the testimonials on Heated Sneaks twitter) and it looked promising. I ended up copping Heated Sneaks Supreme bot, and for a while it worked pretty decent. It was copping me decently hyped pieces pretty quickly, and I was pretty satisfied with it at the time. And then Supreme attempted to stop the bots and implemented their Captcha, which made Heated Sneaks Supreme bot basically useless.

Literally every drop after that the bot didn’t cop a single thing and would glitch out and take you to the homepage while everything sold out. I even ended up messaging their customer service a bunch, and they literally never even replied to any of my messages. Stay clear of Heated Sneaks, because once they get your money they will not help you at all even when their bot becomes completely useless.

If you’d like to read more on Heated Sneaks Supreme bot I wrote a full review here.


My Experience With AnotherNikeBot’s Supreme Bot

not the best supreme bot

After Heated Sneaks bot became useless, I looked for a better bot option, and I thought I better just get the most “premium” bot out there so I didn’t waist any more money and could secure all the pieces I wanted. That’d be my second L on my journey to find the best Supreme bot. The bot is very overpriced for what it is, they try to promote is as a premium bot to justify the price, when in reality it does not work very well, and their are way better options for much cheaper.

If you’re interested in reading more about AnotherNikeBot’s Supreme bot you can find a full review on it here.



My Experience With Supercopbot’s Supreme Pro Bot

Best Supreme Bot 2018

After my first 2 L’s, I wasn’t feeling to confident about purchasing another bot, but determined to find out which bot would actually work consistently good each week, I pursued and bought Supercopbot’s Supreme bot, and I’m glad I did. This bot was honestly the game changer for me, easily secured hyped items each week, and could even add multiple items to the cart (very quickly) so you can checkout multiple items without paying the $10 shipping on each cart. So far for the beginning of the 2018 season, it’s been working flawlessly.

If you’re interested in reading more about Supercopbot’s Supreme Pro bot you can find a full review on it here.


My Experience With Forcecop’s Supreme Bot

Forcecop Supreme Bot Review

This bot popped up recently, and seemed to have a good amount of hype behind it, so I figured I better try it out and see how it compares to the other bots I’ve used. If I’m being honest, Forcecop 100% feels like they just tried to copy Supercopbot’s Supreme bot as much as they could, and then market it super hard as something new. I tried this bot for the first time on the first few drops for the s/s18 season, and it was very disappointing. The bot completely messed up for EVERYONE, I heard not a single person using Forcecop’s Supreme bot got through with anything. I’ve heard that this bot has worked good in the past, but with the changes Supreme’s made for this s/s18 season I wouldn’t believe the hype, luckily I was also running Supercopbot’s bot for those drops so I did secure the items I wanted.

If you’re interested in reading more about Forcecop’s Supreme bot you can find a full review here.